Louie Pisterzi, Artist

Louie Pisterzi was born in Italy in the serene farming village of Amaseno, which today is considered the country’s heartland, located just outside the ancient city of Rome. Here he was raised both by his father and mother until the age of five. Louie’s parents immigrated to Canada in 1958 where he grew up in the culturally rich city of Montreal.

Upon graduating high school, Louie attended Vanier’s architectural and photography program where he theoretically and pragmatically explored painting, drawing, photographing, and discussing with other artists, the contemporary and classical aspects of art and how it shapes and molds different cultures around the world.

Seizing an employment opportunity in 1979, Louie moved with his wife to the vibrant city of Calgary, which is located on Alberta’s southern open plains. In Calgary, Louie was able to grow as an artist, but was also looking to refine his skills while raising his three children.

Still studying under various teachers, I often credit much of what I have learned to them:

“I have always painted since a young age and continually studying, I was able to explore different styles of painting by working with egg tempera, watercolours, and acrylic paints. I learned to focus my ambitions and creativity as an artist.”

Louie is truly inspired by the human form, in which many of his works evoke rich acrylic portraits, as well as original photographs taken from his journeys around the world. Louie has a unique gift of snapping daily life situations with his eye, and brilliantly crafts something by using its surroundings, in what may seem to others, simply life passing by:

“My art is an extension of freezing a fleeting moment in time and capturing it on canvas or film. As an artist, I am always reminded of the simple things we take for granted.”

Louie has had a successful history in selling his paintings, but he is reminded that creating for others is a gift. Ultimately, it is painting and photographing for people where Louie’s ambition for art and his zealousness for life are drawn from.

“I hope others are able to enjoy these captured moments as much as I have enjoyed obtaining and creating them.”